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Why blog, Director Simon?!

October 8, 2008

In my role as director of ARTech, I have the good fortune to “see” so much of what is happening in our school each day.   Here we are at mid-quarter, and I already regret that so much of the wonderful learning, creating and discovering I have been witness to has been lost to my middle-aged memory.   It seems that every day I find myself saying, “I must jot down that thought, record that image, document that conversation,  remember that question, write that story when I get time.”  Alas, in the busyness of my day, I often don’t do those things.

A director’s blog, therefore is a somewhat self-indulgent endeavor.  I’m hoping that it will remind me to secure just a few of those great moments that I’m privy to as our school moves through the year. This can serve as a journal of sorts.  Hopefully, some of these insights will be useful or interesting to students, parents, educators and others in the ARTech community.

I had great fun keeping a blog site, The Sequoia Blog, as a place for parents and students to connect with the classroom during my stint as a 4/5 teacher at Prairie Creek Community School.   I’m curious to see if a blog can serve a similar purpose in my role as a director of a small charter school.

So, armed with a cheap digital camera and limited experience in the realm of the blogger, here I go!  I’ll welcome any comments.


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