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Never a dull moment…

October 24, 2008

One of my favorite things to do at ARTech is take a walk around the building and poke my nose into whatever interesting projects and activities I happen upon.   Yesterday, I spent some time observing the election process at work in Joe’s 8th grade social studies class.  There were several strong candidates standing on issues as diverse as wind energy and the need for bigger lockers in the advisory.   Let’s hope the presidential election on November 4th inspires as much enthusiasm and has as high a percentage of voter participation as this one.

  Today the middle school students were at The Heart of the Beast theater and so the high school students were the targets of my curiosity.   In just a short amount of time I had conversations about Easter Island (what are those statues called…?),  listened in on a project about embryology and, rather bizarrely, authorized a payment slip for a shark.  Did you know that you can get a shark (dead, for dissection purposes) for just over $6!  In these tight economic times that’s a great deal!    

And that’s not all.   I helped Kaya unwrap the plaque for tomorrow’s solar panel celebration (it looks pretty slick)  considered questions about the origins of the world’s greatest game and watched a student retune a guitar.

At ARTech, there’s never a dull moment…

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