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Here comes the sun…

October 25, 2008

Projects take on many forms at ARTech and don’t always follow a predictable timeline.   It’s great for students to learn in an environment where projects of a larger scope have time to reach their full potential. The solar panel study was one such project.  As a culminating event, ARTech hosted an All School Gathering on Friday afternoon to acknowledge all the contributors to this year-long project and showcase the panels to the community.

The event began with a rousing session from the African drummers (and why not) before some of key players in this project,  Kaya L, Todd T, Ryan B and Peter H shared some insights and thanked donors and contributors.   Despite the weather not cooperating  (don’t we deserve some sunshine for a solar panel celebration?) we then gathered before a newly erected plaque under the panels for a photo op.   Our friend David from the Northfield News was present, so look out for a picture in the local paper.

So what’s next?   Hopefully, the solar panel project will act as a catalyst for future projects in the field of sustainable energy.  Todd is already putting plans together for an ARTech Sustainable Energy Team (ASET). Ideas are being floated about a possible Greenhouse Project or a study of wind energy.   During the project process, exciting relationships have been established with organizations such as the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society.  Each time I glance up at the panels on my way into the building, there’s a healthy reminder that the youth of this school, with the support of the community, can have unlimited ambitions with these explorations.


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  1. Dori permalink
    October 25, 2008 6:02 pm

    What a great project for the kids to take on! Keep it up guys! The more money we save on electrical and other costs, the sooner we can save up to buy extra land and build a library! Lol! Do we have any leads on a philanthropist who wants to help these kids make a better world one school at a time?

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