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African drumming and election night

November 6, 2008

African DrummingTurn your computer on to it’s side (sorry if it isn’t a laptop and that’s bit tricky – if so, just crank your head to the side) and you will behold an image of the high school African drum circle.   Sorry, I’m still new to this blog thing and can’t figure out how to orientate the picture!

Anyway, the purpose of this snapshot is twofold.  One is that it’s simply one of my favorite ARTech activities, the other is that it triggered thoughts from election night.

Today, I was invited again into Joe’s 8th grade social studies class. Naturally the conversation had turned to the election and I was asked to share how it feel to finally be able to vote – as a new US citizen.   Well, it didn’t hit me just how marvelous it was to be able to partake in the democratic process until about 10:30PM last night.   Leaving the Bob Dylan concert, I happened upon an impromptu street party on the West bank.  There was drumming and dancing and a large Somali contingent chanting USA! USA!    

It’s been a pleasure to listen to the middle school students learn, debate and participate in the election process this past quarter. There’s a sophistication and energy to their conversations that suggests that the youth really did engage with what was happening in the lead up to this election.   It was my pleasure to announce to them today that, yesterday, I truly did understand for the first time what it means to have the privilege and responsibility of citizenship.

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