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Hosting visiting educators

November 14, 2008

img_0131Earlier in the week, we had a group of educators from Kansas visit our school.     Their visit was one stop on a tour of project-based schools, as they prepare to change the high school in their district from a traditional model to a more project-based approach.   They spent the day talking to staff and students, watching project proposals and presentations and discussing educational philosophy with staff.

I always enjoy these exchanges with educators from other places and backgrounds.    This group is effecting a change that is quite bold for the traditions of their area.   They were energized by the day with us and at the time of departure expressed their enthusiasm for ARTech’s combination of seminars and projects.  Unsurprisingly to us, they were particularly impressed that students and staff were willing to take a pause from their busy day to explain the rationale behind our approach to learning.

Of course, we benefit from these visits as well.   One of the best ways to be reflective about our practice is to view it through fresh lens, especially if those eyes belong to professionals who have expeerience and wisdom in the field of education.



We wish our visitors great success in their exciting endeavors and hope to connect with them again in the future.


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