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November 24, 2008


In my career as a teacher for the past eighteen years, I’ve inevitably been part of some wacky fundraisers. They usually involve some very public humiliation of staff in order to generate extra cash for the school coffers.  Nothing, however, compares to the bizarre and wonderful happenings in the Great Room on Friday night.  If you were there, you will know what I mean.  If you weren’t, take a look at the pictures and play spot the educator in a silly costume.  Rumor has it that the director made a complete clown of himself as some teen pop idol or other, but sadly we weren’t able to find photographic evidence of that so it will just have to remain an unlikely story for now.

I will confess to running around in a chicken suit (or was that Tim?) though.   I’m a sucker for tradition as a community builder in schools and it seems the chicken suit has become part of ARTech Thanks-Give lore.   The Benny Hill style caper between myself and my predecessor was great fun but rapidly eclipsed by the music, dance and skits that followed it.  Recently, I asked Bob to explain how Thanks-Give! came to be one of the ARTech traditions.  Here’s his explanation:

Right about five years ago our then-director Tim Goodwin and I were sitting around, lamenting the fact that we, like mo3049774355_2331da55b2_mst schools, ne3049589551_6ec41a65a6_meded to raise3049899511_ca6c7bae08_m some mo3049851859_aee181febd_mney. But we didn’t really want to push not-too-good products of one sort or another on our parents. So after thinking about our talented kids, we came upon the idea of doing a show- a spoof of fundraisers that was meant to raise funds. And out of that came our first “shameless fundraiser,” Thanks-Give!

ARTech is lucky to have the talent and boundless energy of Bob G-B to put together an event like this.  I’m sure Bob slept well this weekend!   The school is also lucky to be able to call on the talents of the skilled T who to my amazement was able quite effortlessly knit the whole thing together with his wit and repartee. 

A big thank you to all the rest of the staff, the students and of course the parents for coming along on a

3050726206_07d8983b7e_mchilly Friday night and making this a fun event.   This year, we decided not to combine the Thanks-Give! event with an auction.  Instead, the auction will take place in February or

March at a date and venue to be determined (we’ll keep you posted).  Even so, Friday night’s fun raised over $2000 for the school.  Thank you for giving your time, talent and dollars.



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