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ARTech Board Training

January 11, 2009

Last Tuesday evening, the ARTech board of governors met at Prairie Creek school for a session of training.   The ARTech board comprises of nine voting members and a non-voting student member (Kaya) and,  along with the director, it participated in a workshop led by Eugene Piccolo who heads up the Minnesota Association of Charter Schools (MACS).

MACS is the umbrella organization that was established in 1996 to promote the choice of public charter schools in Minnesota.  Eugene Piccolo led a very engaging session that reviewed the unique nature of a charter school and the role of the board of governors.   He also gave us some insight into the role MACS is taking as a lobbying body at the legislature.   Public charter schools, and traditional school districts, are watching closely as our state’s elected leaders consider ways to handle the state budget deficit.   MACS plays an important role in ensuring that the importance of funding public education adequately is understood at the Capitol.   Initiatives such as Charter School Day at the Capitol  on February 10 provide an invaluable vehicle for communities like ours to get on board with this lobbying process.   Eugene has created a blog that updates the charter school movement on advocacy issues  Minnesota Charter Association Advocacy Blog

The workshop was extremely useful.  I already feel that I have marvelous support from the ARTech board, but the training clarified for all of us the different roles that administrators and school governors have to play.   As I was leaving Prairie Creek at 9PM and thanking Caroline Jones for her hospitality, I also reflected upon how wonderful it is to have this team of parents and teachers give their time so willingly and selflessly to the cause of promoting and guiding our school.   It’s a huge responsibility and a significant time commitment. 

The board meets the second Thursday of every month at 6:30PM and all meetings are open to the public.


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