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Let’s Dance

May 13, 2009


Anyone who has witnessed my two left feet in action, will scoff at rumors that the ARTech director was sighted strutting his stuff in the car park after the senior project presentations last week.  The unlikely story goes that, in a moment of misjudgement, he was persuaded to put out some funky dance moves to some of that modern techno beat that the young folk like nowadays.  As if…

Nonetheless, spring has arrived and ARTech seems to be celebrating the season by breaking loose with something of a dance party.   All over the place, students and adults are grooving their thing to one beat or another.   I noticed it starting back at the beginning of the month when Prairie Creek alumni headed over to Castle Rock to be part of the annual May Pole and square dance celebrations

IMG_0797Today,I happened upon the Great Room where Charisse Ponder, ARTech’s long time dance artist was collaborating with Dom, Fellina and Katie to film the latest middle school dance creation.   I came in mid-performance but was immediately struck by the energy  and inventiveness as the students moved and interacted with only bedsheets as their props. Charisses’s dance residency is a marvellous feature of the performing arts program at our school.   Some of you might know Charisse from her work with the Northfield Arts Guild program.   She’s a key member of their dance program 

This came on the back of last week’s senior project by Tony Johnson.  Tony’s study of Dance Therapy was enhanced by his own dance demonstrations ably assisted by Austin, Joey and Anthony.    Tony’s passion for dance is undeniable and irrepressible.  He was dancing for a full two hours prior to his project presentation!

3468644344_65c768724eEveryone who was at the Carbon Cutting Choir Concert at The Grand is still reeling from the barnstorming performance by Diego and his troupe of Aztec dancers.

As if that wasn’t enough, parents have also been getting in on the act.   Sheri and George Acosta have volunteered their time to lead a Ballroom Dancing seminar for high school students this quarter.  It’s a wonderful thing.   Our own Scott Graves couldn’t resist getting in on the act during one class and 3480330108_c6ee5096e5proved to be impressively light on his feet.

Our hope is that some of these dance performances will be reprised at the beginning of Friday’s presentation night.  I hope you can join us.


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