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May Term begins…

May 20, 2009

Ever the flexible space, the ARTech building was transformed once again today for the arrival of the May Term activities.   Furniture has been moved around and new spaces created for groups to gather in. Students arrived this morning and were immediately directed to the base location for the activity they are participating in.  IMG_0826

The energy and excitement for May Term, an ARTech tradition, has been building steadily over the past few months and it was great to finally launch it this morning.   Our staff has been hard at work preparing and working out scheduling logistics.   Many of the May Term activities take the students off campus for field trips.   For the final twelve school days, students will participate in studies ranging from botany to biking.   The choices for students included: poetry, horses, math and flight, soccer (obviously), hiking on the Superior Trail, riverboat restoration, comedy, yoga and meditation and sewing.   

IMG_0838What was noticeable for me to today was passion of the educators leading these projects.IMG_0832 Not surprisingly, perhaps, May Term an opportunity for the teacher to focus in on an area where they have great expertise and knowledge.   Sarah’s love of environmental education (Superior Trail hiking), Scott and poetry, Joe and bikes, Lori and horses… to name but a few.  Jake and I had a blast this morning sharing our own love of the beautiful game.

IMG_0831May Term is a great way to finish the school year.  It provides students with a fresh energy, builds community, and ensures that a love of learning is the  focus all the way to the last day of school.


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