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Manito-wish: The adventure continues…

September 25, 2009

I didn’t expect to find myself atop a log bridge, high above the ground, in a battle for supremacy with Amelia, each of us armed with a floppy foam “sword”.   Yet that was my a highlight of the afternoon’s rope course on Day Two at Manito-wish.   Want to know how the duel finished?  You will have to check with Amelia on that one.  Just know that I was lowered to ground with my English warrior pride fully intact.IMG_2462

 This was a day for continuing conversations about leadership styles and exploring our comfort zones and taking risks.  I’ve been very impressed with the instructors here.  They carefully introduce activities and teach the students through experiences.   There’s a respect for safety but also an expectation that the students take risks and learn by challenging themselves. 




The opportunity to take a risk was particularly evident during the Pamper Pole (also known as the Leap of Faith) activity.  Belayed by the instructor and a team of peers,  each student climbed up a tall telegraph pole and then, balancing precariously, took a leap into the clear blue sky to strike a suspended bell.   I tried it myself and fell off rather than leapt off – returning to earth with an enhanced respect for the students who completed the challenge.  Most impressive of all was the students’ support for each other throughout all the ropes course activities.


 It was a great day at the camp, and was completed by a night hike beneath starry skies.

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