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October 2, 2009

Our school mission states our intention to successfully transition students to college or the workplace.  I was reminded of this when Austin, who graduated last year, stopped by to say hello this morning.  Austin, who is studying Art at the University of Duluth, was home for the weekend.   Apparently, everything is going great up in Duluth.  He enjoys both the campus and the classes.  Austin was one of ten of the eleven ARTech graduates from last year who have made a transition to college.  Exciting times for all of them.

The ARTech juniors and seniors have been fairly bombarded with post secondary ideas and options this week.   It all started on Monday morning with a visit to the 11th/12th grade advisory by Vicki Dilley, liaison for the Rotary Youth Exchange Program.IMG_1162

Vicki explained opportunities for students to spend a year abroad, either for the senior year or as a “gap year” option before college.    It really is a very exciting opportunity and we have couple of ARTech students very seriously considering this for next year.  In fact, one ARTech student is participating in the program right now.  Lauren Reed is spending a year in Finland.   Most of the students in the program keep blogs (accessible through the Rotary website) that detail their adventures.  The rotary site also has links to answer all your question if you are interested to learn more.   

The college connection crash course continued for the juniors and seniors on Wednesday with a visit to the College Fair at the Convention Center in Minneapolis.   Dom, Sarah and Joe accompanied the students who had a chance to speak with representatives from over three hundred schools.   It was a great opportunity for our students to see the huge scope of college opportunity that exists in this country and to begin to form and articulate questions about educational opportunities beyond high school.

Of course, ,nothing really beats the experience of actually being on a campus to really give students a sense of what college will be like.   Today, ARTech seniors are up on “the hill” visiting St. Olaf library, eating at their excellent food service and participating in a forum with a college admissions officer.   We truly are very fortunate to have St. Olaf and Carleton on our doorstep.  All ARTech 12th graders complete at senior project.  Kris MacPherson, St. Olaf librarian is generously providing our students with a workshop on utilizing the library resources.   Our students can then use the St. Olaf library for research purposes throughout the rest of the year.   Students can even check out books and journals.    It’s a tremendous opportunity.  

While on the subject of libraries, Joan Ennis, Northfield Librarian, visited our staff meeting earlier this week to outline ways our students can make use of the Northfield Public Library.   Check out their website for a list of some interesting new resources and some great upcoming events.


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