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Shake Your Tailfeathers

November 27, 2009

Where do you start?   The bearded bride?  Serious dancing, comic dancing, advisors and students dancing, a director in a chicken suit dancing?   I just don’t know.  

I do know that we had a great time at Thanks-Give 09,  and in the process raised close to $4000 for the school.   Increasingly, families are being asked to help schools out with financial challenges.  As a public school advocate, I’ll always have a degree of discomfort with this reality.   At least at events like Thanks-Give’s “shameless” fundraiser, we leave feeling pretty good about the inclusiveness of the event, and that everyone departed, perhaps with a ligher wallet, but also having been thoroughly entertained.

Thanks-Give! has become an important tradition for the ARTech community.  Like all good traditions, it has it’s own inexplicable quirks and idiosyncracies.   Don’t ask me, for example, to explain the chicken suit.  I just wear it ( or I make Diego wear it!).   Where did the advisory competition originate?   Who knows.  I do know that Red fought off some tough competition this year and were presented with the coveted Coconut Monkey at an All-School Gathering last Monday.   Who on earth penned the lyrics to the closing ARTech anthem?

 We are the world, we are ARTech.
And we know nothing really rhymes with that except maybe Star Trek.
Well we’ve- made some money being- fairly funny,
And it’s you we really have to thank-  So thank you!

Would they own up to it anyway?   

Of course, Thanks-Give! isn’t all just random silliness.   We were treated to a  dance performance coordinated by Charisse, theater led by Bob and a breathtaking piano cameo performance by Joey Schad.   You can see more photos from the event by following the Photo Album link to the right of this posting.

Thanks-Give! was a great community event first and foremost.   A special thank you goes out  to Bob and T for leading planning and leading the evening.   Staff, students and parents, thank you for your participation and support.


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