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Pancake Day

February 17, 2010

A day late, ARTech celebrated a great English tradition today…Pancake Tuesday.   Naturally, our social studies advisor and avid newspaper reader Joe prompted the celebration.  The Star Tribune carried a piece on the annual Pancake Race in Olney, England.  Dating back to 1445, the story goes that the race was prompted by a townswoman who, late for church, dashed down the street with apron on and frying pan in hand.

Joe brought back memories of pancake races that I participated in at school each Pancake Tuesday.   I also recall my mum making rather excellent pancakes (more like crepes, to you)  that evening and being called upon to toss them before smothering the well-flipped affair with copious amounts of lemon juice and sugar.

Joe and Scott made my day by hosting an impromptu ARTech pancake race after lunch today.  A motley crew assembled to leg it around the center of the school clutching paper plate pans and construction paper pancakes.   I was leading throughout until some shirt-pulling, alas not spotted by the judges, caused me to lose balance and drop the pancake pile.

A new ARTech tradition is born.

Pancake recipe and tossing instructions.

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