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A Night at the Museum

April 19, 2010

Friday night’s auction was the culmination of months of planning by Rebecca and her fund-raising committee.   They created a great event, and we raised some much needed money for the school program.  Although we are all tired of having to deal with it, our new public school funding reality is that we are having to fund our program without 27% of state funding until the next financial year.  That puts a considerable strain on our finances.  It sure helps to have a community that donates time, energy and dollars to an event like this.

The Eagles club looked marvelous, bedecked as it was with student art work.   Karen O worked wonders once again orchestrating the food and bringing the famous cheesecake to the party.  Todd pulled together a band that featured two parents (thanks, Peter and Kyle), a former director (cheers Tim), Joel on bass, Dave on drums and Wendy on guitar.    They sounded great, you wouldn’t have known that they had barely had any practice time together.  Bob, our master of ceremonies, kept things ticking over.

Rebecca assembled an impressive group of volunteers.  Our thanks go to Marla, Tracy, Nancy, Julie K, Julie A, Mary and Nicole for all the time they dedicated to this project.  As well as raising funds to help our school, they created a nice evening out for our community.

Thanks also to all of you who donated items to the auction.


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