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November 23, 2010

Last Friday’s Thanks-Give! event was a great success on all accounts.  The evening’ was a feast of dance, theater, song and skits on the theme of Dollars For Shakespeare and met the goal of providing a couple of hours of entertainment while at the same time raising some much needed funds for the school.

Once again, ARTech was indebted to Bob for organizing and guiding the whole event.   T Mckinley has become our go to guy for compering the evening – something he does with considerable panache.  Staff and students weighed in with performances and skits.    Theatrical offerings included a 7 minute version of Romeo and Juliet by the middle school theater class and an energetic Tag Team Taming of the Shrew.    Throw in some dance, African drumming and impressive harp playing by CJ and it was quite an evening of the arts.

Humor was provided by T’s segues and two bouts of Buy an Insult.   Shakespeare sure knew how to trash talk – as demonstrated by Will and Rayna.   Scott and Annie then traded Elizabethan insults although several staff members in the audience noted that it didn’t sound much different to their usual exchanges in staff meetings.

Of course, Thanks-Give! is notable for it’s bizarre traditions.   The chicken suit made an inevitable appearance – this time sported by a student.  The evening concluded with the annual battle for the prized Coconut Monkey – presented to the advisory that garners the most cash for their skit.    This year it was a close run thing.  In the end, Red advisory’s parody of Forrest Gump just edged it.

Along with the many generous donations we received on Give to the Max day, the Thanks-Give! event raised over $5,000 for the school.  Thanks to all of you for your support.


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